Eileen Wesel

Multi-genre author who challenges her readers to reflect on alternative views

Help Me Help Me

Born in New York, the south always held a fascination in my mind. Once, I had the opportunity of picking cotton in Georgia at the age of 13. Now living in the south, driving by cotton fields, a story was born. I started and finished Help Me! Help Me! in six days. Please consider a review. Tx

What if it Were True?

Retired, I found time to complete a bucket-list item--write a book! I joined an author's club and with their encouragement, What If It Were True?, a 473+ page sci-fi saga, was completed in three years. This book was written to challenge my reader's - why do you believe the way you do? Intense research is offered, presenting conspiracy theories, alien scenarios, and a plethora of questions. The book is published and available on all major online bookstores. Please consider a review. Tx