Help Me! Help Me!

action-adventure/children's book

Boredom can bring a person to do crazy things on a car trip. Such is the case with ten-year-old Tyler. Picture this: Tyler, his mother and new stepdad are traveling to North Carolina. He's very unhappy with his stepdad and misses his mother's attention. Sitting in the back and denied any form of entertainment, what can you expect from him? Chaos! Unbeknownst to his parents, Tyler devised a game. Each time his stepdad drives away from a stop they make, Tyler catches the attention of a person nearby, placing his head up against the window and whispering, "Help Me! Help Me!" Little did Tyler realize, he was initiating a three-county search for a child apparently in danger! Mixed signals, picking cotton, a blind woman, and a confrontation with the police set the stage for Tyler and his stepdad's altering relationship!

What if it Were True?

An epic sci-fi tale of man's very near future.

Earth is up for grabs. No more hiding the fact aliens exist. A Rapture is rumored to have occurred. Secret organizations like the Illuminati, the Freemasons and the Bohemian Club all promote a new world leader, Vasile. They employ Men in Black to do their bidding. Vasile, along with his grotesque alien side-kick Jaqui, rule the planet within weeks. The New World Order dictates all must wear “The Mark,” an embedded Chip for identification.

No one is able to explain why planet Earth is rotating faster than ever recorded. Humans are reacting to higher-pitched frequencies affecting their consciousness. Alien species arrive daily, while others expose themselves from earth’s caves, mountains, or under the waters. Are they responsible for earth's upheaval, or are the foretold biblical prophecies coming to fruition?

Dawn, an un-awakened Light Warrior seeks to understand her ESP abilities, but unwittingly endangers five others in her quest: her best friend Skyann, her psychiatrist, Doctor Kaplan, a new geek friend Henry, and two sisters, Teresa & Angelicia.

Dawn’s little entourage gathers at Skyann’s house to discuss a plan of action. An alien ship hovers, and while neighbors watch in horror, all six are abducted off her porch.

With the assistance of Pleiadian aliens, Dawn’s consciousness awakens, as does that of her friends! Who are they really, and what is their purpose?

Throughout this story are constant interjections, conspiracy theories, and personal blurbs, as the author interpolates her views and challenges readers to hone in on their belief system and possibly…change their minds?