Wesel Special

What readers are saying:

"A great short story for youthful minds. The plot pulls you right through and leaves you with something to think about."--Amazon customer


"Eileen Wesel's novel, Help Me! Help Me! captures you from the initial paragraph and keeps you enthralled throughout. You find yourself in a conundrum wanting to read faster but not wanting the story to end. This is a story that is heart rendering and heartwarming simultaneously. It's a definite must read." --Ann Jeffries, Author, The Family Reunion--Wisdom of the Ancestors series


"This book was a wonderful touching children’s story, mixed with life’s challenges, new relationships, history, & more! My children absolutely loved it & sat and listened to the entire thing. It was also easy for them to read it themselves: it’s one of their favorites on the book shelf. I truly recommend it!" -- Rosalee Catananzi


"Help Me Help Me is a short but memorable story of the longings of a young boy. From the first page to the last, I could picture every character and every scene. I was drawn into the plot and fell in love with this child. I highly recommend Eileen Wesel’s debut novel."--Debra Geiman Colletti, author of Bittersweet


"Wesel's Help Me! Help Me! is a perfect retelling of 'The Boy Who Cried Wolf' in a modern southern setting that includes diverse characters going through universal struggles and learning experiences. The largest perk is its didactic nature for both (step)parent and child." --Lisa Borne Graves, author of the Celestial Spheres series, and The Immortal Transcripts series

"This manuscript was found to be a deep and absorbing read that has the potential to captivate a wide audience. A thought-provoking novel with a powerful storyline that builds and sustains the narrative, delivering a convincing title. The reader would find much to absorb them, allowing reflection and understanding to continue in earnest at some distance past the final page."--Austin Macauley Publishers


"Wesel goes where philosophy and theology meet... but takes it for a wild, imaginative sci-fi spin where aliens arrive and the anti-christ threatens to overtake the world. It's an interesting and unpredictable ride that left me thinking."--Lisa Borne Graves, author of the Celestial Spheres series, and The Immortal Transcripts series

Ms Wesel is a unique and thought provoking story teller! Wrapping her voice and her passion into a stunning novel, she takes you on a journey filled with unforgettable characters and places. I highly recommend this novel and cannot wait for more! Debra Colletti, Author

Couldn’t put this book down. A real page turner. Best book I have read this year. New author! WOW! Dawn

Not a normal read for me. With that being said it was a spiritual awakening. I love how she injects herself in every few chapters. It was really a perfect title...really woke me up...would highly recommend to anyone who needs a spiritual awakening...EXCELLENT WORK barb1950nj