Works in Progress


An unwelcomed visitor, an old southern janitor, and a manager all scramble for space in this upscale hotel thriller. James thought he saw it all, but this...entity...this shadowy figure, is torturing his psyche. His job is on the line, he must find a way to rid the hotel of its presence. Rebecca, the Front Desk Manager, feels helpless as the visitor toys with her and some guests: stealing then returning items, whispering as they walk by, and...hovering over them during the night. She also fears the guestlist will diminish if word were to leak out they've got a problem with an intruder...


You never know who's watching you, especially when you're asleep. Seems Leigh is taking frequent naps nowadays. Wasn't a problem before, a few here or there, but before she wasn't living in a parallel world while napping! Someone's watching and is concerned...she appears to enjoy her fantasy world more than her reality. But, who to complain to? Who can break her of the need to nap? Who could bring Leigh willingly back into her own world?